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Because our book is half journal and half text, we sprinkled it with beautiful photos to inspire deep thoughts. None of them are commercial photographs—all of them, as well as those used on this site, were taken by family and friends on travels around the world. We think that they do, indeed, provoke feelings and stimulate creative thought. Unfortunately, they are also very expensive to print. While we would love for every reader to enjoy the full-color version of Passport 2 Purpose, we also recognize that not everyone can easily afford it. We are therefore making a less expensive black-and-white version available, too. Both are offered at deep discounts when you purchase from us directly. The prices do not include shipping, handling, or sales tax. The written content is identical in both editions.

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The book order site lists both editions as “softcover”; the more expensive one is the full-color edition.

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Journey 1 - Beliefs & Values       Journey 2 - Healthy Boundaries       Journey 3 - Understanding Feelings